Project Pablo produces chillwave for Canadian summer on “Come To Canada You Will Like It”

You’re looking at a poster of Uncle Sam pointing his old, chewed-up fingernail at your face. Something about the wording catches your eye. “I WANT YOU… TO CHILL THE FUCK OUT,” he says. Suddenly, the old Uncle disappears; in his place slumps a sunglasses-wearing teenager in maple-leaf clad summer apparel giving you the raised eyebrow. The new text underneath them reads: “COME TO CANADA… YOU WILL LIKE IT.”

That — being the title of Montreal’s Project Pablo’s new LP — seems like sage advice, especially since this summer’s roasted folks alive south of the Quebec border and current American news has continued its recent sucking streak. According to the record description, the album’s about “slowing down while finding a balance between rural and city living,” although you could extrapolate that to mean “finding a balance in anything.”

You know Project Pablo’s synth-laced style if you’ve heard anything by chillwave masters HOME or Com Truise; old FM equipment rewired and massaged to make 21st-century grooves suitable for a lounge, your yacht, or a dark bedroom lit only by the glow of a CRT screen. This new collection of tracks produced by Patrick Holland provides a perfect soundtrack to a weekend during which you should take a while to relax. Get into your convertible, put your feet up on the dashboard, and blast this record while you scream northward across the Canadian border. Upstate New York has plenty of back roads where you can drive across without getting caught if you go fast enough; just don’t wake the locals as you smash through the gate.Top tracks: “Just a Thought”, “Tunstall”.


  1. I shouldn’t need to say this, but: Do not drive across the U.S.-Canada border without going through customs. I can’t condone illegal actions on this blog.
  2. With that said, I’m not your dad.

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