Mets baseball tonight, and a change-up for Caffeinated Jam, sort of

Good of holy God, I looked at the team rankings across both the AL and NL; the Yankees have second place behind the Dodgers, while the Mets have 24th place. The Mets don’t have an awful record, but they won’t see the postseason unless they turn things around quick this summer. The fiancee jokes that we may find it in our budget to get great seats at Citi Field in September if things keep going the way they’re going. I don’t want to believe, but my head knows — and my wallet hopes, I guess — that she’s right.

No music today, on what might be the precipice of change for this site; I have enjoyed writing Caffeinated Jam as a blog for indie and DIY bands over the past year, but I want to write about other things as well. I have never found myself good at writing with any specific focus, and if I can tie in food, baseball, travel, and where to find the best bodega or halal stand in any neighborhood of New York into these articles, then I will. It doesn’t suit me to become a one-trick pony. It doesn’t suit anyone. We all must embrace versatility in this modern life; the world ain’t as simple as it used to be. Not that I knew a simple world, anyway.

I’ve sworn up and down these past couple of days because of the general racism of this country, which you see spouted from the current Administration and its leader’s mouth. Someone on Twitter pointed out that, yes, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez should go back to the country she came from and fix the problems before trying to fix America, but that just means taking the train up to the Bronx. Therein lies the stupidity and racism of the president; he attacks progressive politicians like AOC and Ilhan Omar and Ro Khanna because they aren’t white, but he forgets that they not only come from here and have citizenship, some of them grew up in his own backyard.

You as the President of the United States can disagree with folks in Congress on political issues, sure. But when you in a racist tirade say they should go back to their own countries to fix the issues there, and they’re United States citizens, you own yourself so hard that you should beg for impeachment.

To all you who say, “Well, now it’s clear that the President’s a racist”: It’s been clear. We’ve seen Trump’s ass shit racist commentary from before day one. From working with his dad to keep black families out of Trump developments, to wishing death upon the Central Park Five, to spewing birther claims against Barack Obama, to the white nationalist rhetoric he continues to utter throughout his tenure in the Oval Office, how much more proof of his racism do we need? On top of all of his other misogynistic and abusive and fearmongering speech, when will people who have power to do something about him realize that he — and anyone who supports him — does not have the nature of someone who should lead any organization, especially a nation?

When I start to get more personal — and by proxy political — is about when my writing takes a turn for the worse, and when I decide that no one cares about my opinions, and when I abandon a writing outlet for good. Hell, it’s why I have so many unfilled notebooks from high school, and from college, and from the last month or so. But Twitter can only do so much for me, and sometimes I need to go off and talk about how much I can’t stand the vitriolic policies coming out Washington, along with how people who disagree with those policies — well-meaning people — allow them to become law. I need run-on sentences, I need repetition, I need room to ramble. You need to understand just how ramped up I get when I sit down to write. For example, I’ve had three cups of coffee today, with thanks to the new cold brew machine the day job office folks have installed in the break room.

So Caffeinated Jam will continue, but from time to time it won’t focus on music. Sometimes I’ll get into the weeds a bit when it comes to my other interests. If you don’t like baseball, or a recipe for quick crock pot Mexican chicken, or my wistful memories of an old shawarma stand on the corner of 23rd and Lexington, I can’t stop you from finding entertainment elsewhere. But know this: Caffeinated Jam will always stand for the rights and the good of all folks. But if you don’t think you like that idea, then we can’t say that we like the idea of you much, either. To hell with ICE and to hell with the raids, and to hell with all of you who don’t think it’s like the goddamned Gestapo marching through the streets of America.

Tonight the Mets play the first of two games against the Twins in Minnesota; the AL Central first-ranked Twins may pose a greater challenge to the Mets than the NL East last-place Marlins did this past weekend. Against the Twins’ pitcher Michael Pineda, Steven Matz will throw in place of Zack Wheeler; the latter has shoulder fatigue and won’t see play until July 23rd at the earliest. I see a bleak next few nights ahead for us fans of the blue-and-orange, but I have a hope in my heart that hurts for victories tonight and tomorrow. Sometimes you stare up at the face of a titan, and if you grit your teeth hard enough and make yourself look really big, you can see them eye to eye. +


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