theparisbuns-profile.jpgCaffeinated Jam consists of the stream-of-consciousness music writings from me, Will Sisskind, another guy brought up in the middle-class suburbs trying to make a life in New York City.

Thank you for reading. I spent my college years working behind the board at Ithaca College’s WICB, and I dabbled in a job at Sony Music years back. Now I perform songs around New York as The Paris Buns, follow a bunch of indie artists on Twitter, and pretend like I know anything about the Scene, even though I have become old.

Writing Caffeinated Jam keeps me sane, although the words on the screen don’t show much proof of sanity. I hope that if you take a look at some of these posts, you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoy downing a gallon of Trader Joe’s French Vanilla and crushing my hands into a fine paste against my keyboard.

Got any tips? Send them to me at caffeinatedjam@gmail.com.