theparisbuns-profile.jpgAbove you’ll see me singing into a microphone. I’ve done that in some form or another since I turned five.

My name is Will Sisskind. I write for The Deli‘s NYC and Nashville bureaus. I also perform around New York as the solo singer-songwriter act The Paris Buns.

I put in time at Sony Music years back, so I have tasted the chaos of Big Industry. I also gave four years to the soundboard at WICB-FM in Ithaca, where I spun the most up-and-coming college rock records of the time. I say that as if we used actual records, but we clicked buttons on an old PC instead. But you understood what I meant, I assume.

When I’m not at my nine-to-five, performing, trying to maintain social graces, or putting together IKEA furniture, I like to write music and about music. I hope to use Caffeinated Jam as a place for thoughts about the latest albums, meanderings about songwriting, and perhaps some current events talk as well. But the Blood God knows that we need less of the latter, out of concern for what little sanity we have left.

Feel free to send your demos, EPs, LPs, MP3s, MP4s, and/or your favorite UK MP to socratescloset@gmail.com. Thank you. 


  1. I don’t know that much about UK politics, but I wouldn’t flinch or wince if you sent me Jeremy Corbyn to do some explaining.